News Report Proposal – Iranian Women

News Report Proposal
Focus on women in Iran

The news report I propose to follow up will be loosely based around the every-day life of women in Iran. There has been much coverage lately of the treatment of protesters jailed after demonstrating against Iran’s recent election results, some of which specifically relates to the treatment of women in such situations.
Through shallow research from Iranian based news source “PressTV” (a news organisation based in Iran, with bureaus across the world, that employs both local and international professional journalists and researchers) I have found not only many concerns from the journalists themselves, but also from the citizens who have left comments on those concerns. There are many sides to every story and these comments display many.
The next information source I will be utilising will be The Iranian Women’s Association who have information ranging to the history of women’s treatment in Iran, to the latest on current events that effect every-day life for women in Iran. Their website ( Women/Organisations /wsai.html) contains much invaluable information.
I also wish to gain information straight from the source, i.e. interviews! Firstly I have set up an interview with a student here at Monash University, her name is Mariam Ali. Not only is she of Iranian heritage, but she has also directly made many trips to Iran, keeping up with the politics through her relatives residing in Iran and through a variance of press reports. From Mariam I wish to gain an insight into the everyday life of an Iranian woman and how she believes, from a tainted Western perspective, it is different to living in Australia.
The next interview I wish to secure is from a representative from the ISoV (Iranian Society of Victoria), who are located in Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre. They will provide a broader example of life in Iran, possibly with a larger emphasis on national incidents and how they affect immigration and the overall image of Iran to outside countries, especially to Australia.
In keeping with the multi-media approach we, as a team, intend to pursue, I will also be photographing and possibly recording an aspect of the interview.

Overall a great news site that is updated quite regularly; also has quite an international approach to seeking its sources:

This site is a Iranian based news site; therefore it not only contains regularly updated current world-wide information but it also has an excellent focus on Iran’s events. It should also be congratulated as it is very objective with its facts. Deffinately a straight and narrow news source!:

This is a great Iranian cultural site, equipped with photos and activities, it also contains Iranian community activities:


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