News Report Proposal – Noni

News Report Proposal

Our blog is about world news from a local perspective and I have chosen to focus on the United States. My proposed news story is one on the death of Ted Kennedy and how it has affected the States. Australia and America are very closely linked when it comes to influencing each other politically; therefore the death of an important political figure like Ted Kennedy affects us on a local perspective also. Australian’s are quite knowledgeable about American politics because they feel that what happens in the States will inevitably affect Australia.

As suggested by Dan C I will also be including a short profile piece on Ted Kennedy, explaining his political career for the younger audience that may not realise the impact he has had on politics.

There are many news values to this story. It is very recent, it is interesting to all ages because of Ted Kennedy’s long career and the successful careers of his family.

The documentary sources I intend to use are mainly online news sources. Many American newspapers have covered the death quite thoroughly such as the New York Times. And for a more local perspective I will also be utilizing the SBS world news’s coverage also.
My first interview is confirmed with Keith Wilson from Monash University Gippsland campus, he lectures in American History and Politics. Therefore, I will be getting both a professional and local perspective in one interview. My second interview will be with Marie Halliday who is originally from Virginia in America but is now studying in Australia. She studied political science in the States before moving here. Therefore, this will give the story a younger perspective as well as a more ‘local’ person’s perspective. I will be trying to my hardest to record either one or both of the interviews so I can have a multimedia aspect to my story.

As mentioned above the most resourceful tools for me to use will be online news sources. Many online American and Australian newspapers have covered the Ted Kennedy story recently so there are a lot of places to find information from both and American and Australian perspective.

I will need to focus on his death, his career, and his impact on American politics and therefore its impact on Australia.

My twitter, youtube and igoogle accounts will also be useful in terms of up to date news on the Ted Kennedy story. Because it is still a very recent story (and I will be reporting on it as if it has JUST happened) these sites will be able to give me updates as soon as they happen. New events and information are coming out every week or so on Ted Kennedy’s death. Youtube allows a multimedia aspect to the story and a great way to find other video clips on Ted Kennedy to add to my story and blog. Twitter will allow me to follow many American news outlets constant updates if any relate to my chosen story. My delicious page will also allow me to keep all of my links and sites in order and allow me to link them to my blog if I so choose.

All these tools will allow me to create an indepth news story on Ted Kennedy and allow me to have the most up to date information on his death and its impact on the world.


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